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Vračar, Beograđanka - Kralja Milana, 5539m2

Beograd, Vračar

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Vračar, Beograđanka - Kralja Milana

poslovna zgrada, 5539m2, PR + 5 etaža, CG, lift, telefon, interfon, podrum.

Jedna od najlepših zgrada u Beogradu, u srcu buduće pešačke zone između Slavije i Terazija.

Idealna je za luksuzan hotel ili poslovni prostor.


Commercial building 5539 square meters

Two (2) subterranean levels (technical and non technical basement)

Ground Floor + Five (5) floors

Connected to Central City heathing system

Elevators, Phone lines (large number available in the building)

One of the most beautiful buildings in Belgrade, with a magic touch od history, in the heart of the future pedestrian zone, between Slavija and Terazije Squares

Ideal option for reconstructing into luxury hotel or commercial business space

This building dominates the crossroads of the core two streets in the center of Belgrade. First Belgrade Avenue, Kneza Miloša and the main central street, Kralja Milana that connect Slavija and Terazije squares, linking the city center as a heart aorta. By latest urbanity plans, street Kralja Milana is expected to be pedestrian zone with only tram connecting central squares in the middle of the road.

Any passenger through either of these two streets cannot avoid to savor the view of this magnificent, powerful building.

Not only this location is easily accessible from the highway E-75 through Kneza Miloša avenue, from either South, North or West borders, as well as the airport, but also, just 100-150 meters away there is a large public garage, where can be easily rented necessary parking lots for the purpose of this building.

Construction of this monumental building begun on July the 1st in 1922 with conclusion of works in November of 1924. It was built to newly formed "Jadransko-Podunavska" bank.

At time, the only facade made in full rock architecture was done at this building. It was projected by the well-known German architect at a time - August Rheinfels. It was built at the plot of 1. 168, 13 square meters.

This Palace of Jadransko-Podunavska Bank was built in accordance to the architectural standards for banks in biggest European cities in the period between two World Wars.

Building dominates the city center for the last century.

Entry hall to the building was projected in oval shape, through which you proceed into ceremonial stairs that lead to mezzanine gallery, and to the round hall with glass mosaic ceiling.

In the middle of this round hall, there is a stone fountain with a marble sculpture of Aphrodite, holding her long hair with her arm, which was made by the very famous sculptor, Petar Palavičini, for the inauguration of the Bank.

Glass mosaic ceiling represent interpretation of the Roman Pantheon dome, a temple which was devoted to antique deities.

Agent: Violeta Gašparević 062/270-945

5.539 m2 10 0 0


Šifra oglasa A1-539
Tip Poslovna zgrada
Ukupna cena 8.500.000 €
Kvadratura 5.539 m2
Broj soba 10
Usluga Prodaja
Sprat pr
Broj spratova 0
Grejanje Centralno


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065 323 64 09


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